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A troubled life but one filled with so much love. Bonnie da Westie
« on: September 10, 2015, 11:35:07 AM »

Bonnie's Story

I got Bonnie when my old collie was 14, Midge was almost blind, senile, incontinent, and deaf. But she was my soul mate through so many traumas in my life. Midge actually lived another 3yrs after I got Bonz.

Bonz was a sickly pup, almost died and was on the edge of life for the first 6 to 9 months of her life. She was diagnosed eventually with Giardia. She almost died back then several times, but pulled through. But the Giardia had caused havoc on her little body.

I think she must have had Cushings a lot longer than just a few months, she was diagnosed in January this year. Because she'd always had a weak bladder and a few other symptoms.

The year before moving house (2014) she was seriously ill. She had a raging infection in her mouth and in her gut, which they couldn't control, then she had a false pregnancy at the same time with milk. She was just getting over all that when she developed pyometra and had to be spayed. They hadn't spayed her before because they said it would make her incontinence worse. I was worried that she wouldn't be well enough for me to move house. But she was.  The little soldier that she was fought hard and got better.

Then end of last year I noticed she was bumping into things and laying around a lot looking depressed. It just suddenly happened. So I took her to the vet who made an appointment with their eye specialist. He said he thought she had SARDS, I'd never heard of it, and he explained its a disease that causes the optic nerve to die and blindness and can cause blindess as fast as overnight in some cases. He said he wanted Jim Carter the top leading opthalmology specialist to take a look at her.

I asked how much would it cost, as I didn't have much money, and he said around 800.

I burst into tears. I didn't have even a fraction that much money. I was devastated thinking I was going to have to have her put to sleep. After speaking to some friends on Twitter they told me to put up a youcaring page for Bonnie, but I wasn't keen. They said as she'd helped so many others by raising money for charity it was their turn to help her. So reluctantly I put the youcaring page up and the next morning there was 2,500 in it.

She saw the specialist who had to sedate her to put the electrodes on her eyes, and test reaction to light and electrical impulses and it confirmed she was totally blind.

Jim Carter the specialist asked if she'd been tested for Cushings, I said yes last year but it was clear. She'd had that test when she had the gut infection trouble. He said to get the vet to do a more involved Cushings test as dogs with SARDS can also have Cushings. The second test in January this year proved positive.

She was started on Vetoryl to treat the Cushings, but not until several expensive ACTH tests, to check what level of drugs she needed and if it was controlling the disease. They said Vetoryl will give her a better quality of life, and stop her drinking so much, peeing so much, and make her feel better. Although one of her vets said he recommends no treatment as Vetoryl is so powerful and aggressive, which it has to be to keep the tumours shrunk, that it causes problems with their bodies.

So she was started on Vetoryl. And again her pals on Twitter donated money regularly so that I didn't have to pay much for her ACTH tests and meds. Without their help I would have had to have had Bonnie put to sleep.

She seemed fine on the Vetoryl, and she only just recently had another ACTH test, 6mths from being diagnosed. It was good and so she remained on the low dose of Vetoryl without needed an increase. I was so happy.

Then of course she was suddenly taken ill Monday with IMHA, caused in part to Vetoryl, but not totally it did contribute to it though.

And the rest you all know. She was gone in 24hrs.

She never had a normal life like most dogs, she was always poorly, she was a puppy farm pup which probably explains it.

But I always put her first, sacrificed for her, and gave her as much love as I possibly could plus some. I fought for her and fought with her during her health battles and we were soul mates and the bond between us was so strong. She was a special girl.

I wanted to dedicate this website to her and also her blog, so that her suffering wasn't for nothing. And by allowing people to join her on her short life story, she could teach us all how to cope in life, how to live life to the full, how to love everyone, how to help each other, and how to realise that life is very short, and life is unpredictable, we don't know what is around the corner, and we don't know how long we are her for.

I tried to put everything I could find about SARDS and Cushings on her blog to help others, with links to useful sites with information about how to look after a blind dog, and that just because they're blind they can still enjoy life. I wanted somehwere people could go to find everything they needed in one place, instead of panicking like i did and rushing around looking and gathering information when their furbaby lost it's site or got Cushings. I hope it's helped people going through the same situation I did with Bonnie. Knowledge is very important.

As she said on her blog, life is like a dandelion. Each part of our life blows away like a seed from a dandelion, until all the seeds are gone. Sometimes they go slowly one at a time, and sometimes something happens and the seeds that are left are blown away in the wind all at once.

Bonnie's seed's were blowing away pretty quickly, and the few that were left all blew away on Tuesday when her little soul flew to Heaven.

She took most of my heart with her but her legacy will live on with thefureverbook and her blog still helping others even though she is over the Rainbow Bridge.

Bonnie was put on this earth for a reason, and through her suffering she has taught us all important life lessons. She didn't suffer in vain. She gave us all a gift. Each gift was different and to be treasured. She will be remembered and loved for a very long time.

There will never be another Bonnie, and I could never replace her.  The physical pain in my chest and the grief at the moment seems too much to bear I pray to God it will soon ease.
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