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My Little Girl Honey
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Little Honey made it to her 18th birthday on November 25, 2013.  We went to Seattle for her birthday celebration and Thanksgiving on Nov. 27-Dec. 4 and had the time of our life! Shesaw all her pals, Roscoe, Lola, Shamus, The DeHalleux Children whom she loved dearly, her friends, Kathy, Peli, Ele, Don, Mo, Dianna, her Starbucks friends so many people.

She enjoyed a trip to the Westin, Long Beach, CA  on December 14 and 15 so that she could enjoy the Special Olympics Fall Games in Fountain Valley.  We were tuckered out when we came back on Monday, Dec. 16 and then received some sad news that my former colleague, Kirk Saxton had passed away.  She accompanied me on Friday, December 20 trying to make his funeral service In Aliso Viejo, CA, but divine intervention, we missed the funeral by some typo error.  We got to the church and I was like Oh My God, there’s no one here.   I called and they apparently had the service earlier, but that friends and family had gathered at his home in Irvine.  We made it to Irvine where Honey saw her old pal, John Heil from Lawry’s.  His little daughter, Whitney, had been wanting a little dog 18 years ago and this miracle litter was born to one of his associates in La Canada, CA.  She was a love story.  Her mom, the bichon frise and the neighbor, the Dachshund fell in love and she was born.

I wanted Honey for our then 82 year old administrative assistant, Edith Reback, whose husband Elvin had just passed, I convinced her that a dog would be good for her.  John Heil got Honey’s sister, Scarlett and I got Honey for Edith.  Honey went to visit Edith at her home everyday and one day Edith said, “Natalie, the little dog should be with a young person to give her life.  Honey belongs with you.”  OMG, I did not want a dog.....But, Honey, she chose me.
Honey recently visited Edith who is a 100 years old!  Edith was teary eyed when she saw the little dog.  Honey softly cried the whole time knowing Edith is a trooper.  Very frail and stiff with arthritis, unable to speak.  But Edith she spoke to me, Honey and my former Lawry’s boss, Suzi Tawa and told us, “Thanks for visiting and Bye.”
And then last Friday, saw John Heil at Kirk Saxton’s memorial.  He immediately asked if I had the dog there and I did.  He took her picture for his daughters to see.
Honey and I- just the two of us had dinner in Irvine and she ran around like a puppy.  I had to chase after her.  She enjoyed a wonderful night with me.  So much that when we got home, she was so hungry so I made rice and steak and Japanese chawan mushi at 3AM!  I left her only for 6 hours Saturday from 6PM till midnight to help sit with my friends elderly mother who is recovering from a broken pelvis.  I returned at about midnight and HONEY was having a tough time breathing.  I just scooped her up and took her to the fancy pet hospital  here in
West Los Angeles where she went immediately into oxygen.  She was a real trooper, but I realized her little body was just very very tired.  Her blood work was good and her kidneys, but they did not know why she was having trouble breathing.  I brought her a McDonalds cheeseburger, chicken and rice, liverwurst and ice cream.  But she didn’t want to eat.  I cried and said please Honey and she licked a little vanilla ice-cream.  She got up to walk to the water bowl, but didn’t drink and turned away from me.  The attendant checked her said, she’s a fighter.  And she looked at me.  I said, Honey, it is ok to want to go to heaven.  I crawled in and held her little body, dressed her in her cheerleading outfit and she was so weak.  I asked the dr. and she crawled in next to us.  Little Honey did not take her eyes off of me and I held her all the way to the end.  She came home with me and I held her all night.  Ikissedher goodbye and handed her to the private crematorium on Monday morning.  I picked out a beautiful tan pink marble urn and picked her up the very next day on Christmas Eve.  I loved her so much.

My friend, Garrett Madison, is going to take Honey to the top of the world, Mt. Everest in the Spring.
The whole world spins around her!  She will like that.  She gave me so much goodness and love and my life with her was amazing.  Thanks for being her little pal and mine.
Happy Holidays,
With love, Natalie, Honey’s mama
Note:  July 27, 2014 Honey became the first dog buried on the summit of K2 into the Jetstream when Garrett Madison became the 16th American to summit K2.