Author Topic: How to post your Text, Video or Storify Tributes  (Read 2635 times)

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How to post your Text, Video or Storify Tributes
« on: September 03, 2015, 02:49:16 PM »
To post a tribute to your fur angel begin a new thread with your furbaby's name in the subject line.

Posting Text Tributes

This is just like posting a normal message. To insert photographs you can either upload to our server by selecting the 'attachments' link at the bottom of your message window or use an image hosted elsewhere with the tags  at the end of the link. Your photo will then show up in your tribute.

Posting Video Tributes (not available just yet)

If you are posting video use the video icon above the line of smilies this inserts special code to make the video viewable. Video's will need to be hosted on your youTube channel or somewhere else as they are too large to upload to the site database.

Posting Storify Tributes

To post your Storify tribute, copy the 'embed' code from your Storify and insert it between the following tags [ html] right at the beginning with no gaps between the tag and the Storify code, and then add [ /html] at the end again with no spaces between the Storify code and the tag. Do not leave any gaps after the bracket in the above code, I have had to leave a gap there so you can see the actual code. Your Storify will then show exactly as it does on your Storify account.You need an account with (free) where you can make your tribute, either by dragging tweets into the storyline, or from other sources. If you're new to Storify its pretty simple to use.

If you run into any problems posting your finished tribute in this section, please post your problem in the Support section of this forum (down near the bottom) and I'll help you as soon as I can.
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