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Eddie Ronnie and Freddie
« on: August 31, 2015, 01:03:14 AM »
Eddie Ronnie and Freddie are just three of our cats that I raised from wee lil babies....It all started one day...I was visiting my Dad at hihouse...I heard this meow meow and looked out the sliding glass doors and saw our feral cat with this precious little gray kitten.

He was in  poor health because the Mother could not provide milk for him, he was skin and bones. She knew this and brought him to the back door for a reason...for us to take care of him since she couldn't...

I immediately went out and picked up the kitten. I warmed up some milk and started bottle feeding him...a few minutes later there she was again with another kitten who was poorly looking so I went and scooped him up and started bottle feeding him to.  These two were so tiny and precious. They didn't have enough energy to hiss or bite and boy did they gobble up the milk in the surenge (sp?) I was using...about one hour later we heard meow meow meow again so I went outside and there between a board and the house was yet another precious kitten.

This kitten was bigger than the other two and we think he was up in the attic then came down. I tried picking him up...he was hissing to beat the band and wasn't going to have any part of me picking him up! I worked with him gently and quietly until he let me pick him up. I then brought him inside and started giving him warm milk to...These were my boys Freddie (the gray runt), Ronnie (named after my Husband Dave's co-worker - second kitten), and Eddie (named yet again after one of my Husband's co-workers). All three were so precious and so very happy to come into the house with Humans and be taken care of and loved.

They all three (as kittens) slept with me on a pillow next to my head every night and all during the day...they potty trained great except for Ronnie he was having problems going number they all three got older they moved from my pillow to a little box to a milk crate to a bigger box then anywhere they wanted to be...I wanted to protect them so much I wouldn't let them outside at all until one day they went outside...but they always came back in...All were doing ok except Ronnie he still couldn't go number two...we brought him to the Vet and the Vet said we should watch him and told us why he couldn't go...he said that if he doesn't go by himself we would need to help him cross over to Rainbow Bridge..

.Well he didn't go and didn't go and we helped him all the time...On the day we were going to take him to the Vet because he couldn't go by himself he went...VICTORY! As the years went on they were the most loving cats I've ever had the pleasure of being a fur Mom to....Years and years went by and they were still healthy except little Freddie...He had become so very ill and one night he died in my arms...he was 16...

Time went on again and the remaing two were in great health...Then one day Ronnie (who reverted back to the wild) had this cut on his nose which turned into Cancer and he lost his battle with it at the age of 20 but he turned back into a very loving gentle Cat about a year before he passed away...Eddie was my last one and he was still in good shape at the age of 21...

Then one day I noticed he was losing weight so I took him to the Vet but she couldn't find anything wrong with him...he continued to lose weight so I took him again to the this point he was very poorly but they couldn't find anything wrong...

I placed him on the Vet's table and the Vet examined him...he had a cut on his leg but the Vet said because of his age he would not make it through the surgery because his body inside was failing...He said he lived a good long long life, he's tired and very ill now the best thing (because he was in pain) was to help him cross over to Rainbow Bridge...I broke down and cried and said ok I understand....Freddie Ronnie and Eddie were wonderful fur babies....

They are all three up in heaven at Rainbow Bridge waiting for me playing like kittens again with no more pain and in a new body one without illnesses. Yes in the wonderful beautiful safe place we call Rainbow Bridge. Love and miss you my little boys! See you at Rainbow Bridge some day where we will hug and cuddle once more...until then take care of each other...
Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie's Mom