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About The Furever Book
« on: August 27, 2015, 01:02:58 PM »

The Forever Book is a place online where  you can light a candle, send a paper lantern, leave a poem, or leave a bio of your beloved pet that has gone over The Rainbow Bridge.

You can also talk to friends and other members on here for support, to help others going through bereavement of their pet, or just talk to someone about your loss.

The loss of a loved pet is for most of us a traumatic and life changing experience, full of mixed emotions, especially if your pet has been ill and you've had to make that final decision to let them go over the Bridge.

I hope that The Furever Book can help you in a small way come to terms with your loss and somewhere to celebrate your pet online.

If you choose to light a candle for your pet now already over Rainbow Bridge, it's really easy. Just select from our list which candle or lantern you wish to use and click on it. It will then appear in your post and will burn forever, it isn't time limited. As long as you choose to leave your candle or lantern in the Furever Book it will keep burning brightly.
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