The fureverbook is a place online where you can light a candle or send a paper lantern, leave a lasting memorial or just post a poem or note to your beloved pet.

There is an area to just talk about your loss or to give support to another fur parent.

Candles, lanterns, poems & bios remain on the fureverbook forever and are not time limited. All entries can be searched for on site. 

this site is dedicated to Bonnie da Westie

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“No matter what your faith or beliefs, whether you believe there is a higher being or God, another level of spirituality or this earthly life is all there is, by leaving a lighted candle or lantern, a memorial poem, or a bio of your beloved pet, I hope that this site will help give you closure for your loss and comfort in your heart."

                             Bonnie da Westie

 there is No greater unconditional love on earth than the love of a faithful pet

a love that lasts beyond time and stays with you all the while you need breath